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What is eCatalog For CCNow ?

Lightweight store front integrated with CCNow.com shopping cart. This storefront will allow the end user to maintain the store from web browser Complete customisation for look and feel will be provided through the use of templates.

Intended Features of eCatalog For CCNow ?

  • Store Management
  • Manage product Categories.
  • Allows 1 product to be linked with multiple categories.
  • Capture order into the system through Admin.
  • Capture Cutomers.
  • Send order confirmation e-mail
  • Send order fulfilment notification e-mail
  • Search Engine friendly dynamic page generation
  • Generation of flat files of the product which can be uploaded to CCNow shopping cart.
  • Importing products from flat file generated by CCNow system.
  • Software Platform

    PHP 4, mySQL, Apache, Linux

    Current Status and Release Date

    This project is currently at planning phase and no target release date is available at this time.

    License and Cost

    Nothing. This is an openSource software under GPL. Check license upon release for more details.

    How Can I Help

    This project needs help. You are most welcome if you want to volunteer. This project is being hosted by http://sourceforge.net and any participation must be through souceforge only.

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